Collection: Murano chandeliers

At Farveladeland, we are always on the lookout for beautiful second-hand Murano chandeliers, which we can help find a new home. We handpick all our lamps ourselves, and therefore ensure that you get the best designs, in the best condition, of the finest quality. Are you looking for a unique and beautiful chandelier, but do not yet know which Murano chandelier is the best for your home? Maybe you just need to feel or see the chandelier in reality before you decide to go ahead and buy? Then finally contact us here via the contact form or on ours Instagram. Also remember that we always have many other beautiful ones Murano lamps right here on the page! We hope you find what you are looking for and look forward to doing business with you!

A rare vintage find

Second-hand Murano lamps and beautiful glass art in good quality are in themselves difficult to come by, but it is trumped by such a rare vintage find as a Murano chandelier is now. That is why we are also very happy to be able to offer this type of beauty of a chandelier here at Farveladeland. We are always looking for the most beautiful and whimsical flea finds, so that together we can fight the "throw away culture" and give forgotten beautiful items a new home. Which is certainly no different when it comes to the beautiful Murano chandeliers.

It is of course a limited range when you come across such a rare product, but none the less we at Farveladeland are always looking for beautiful additions to our range, so keep an eye on the page - who knows, maybe one day one will land chandelier that fits perfectly into your beautiful home. You are also welcome to contact us at any time regarding inquiries about other second-hand and vintage interiors.

Murano chandelier, beautiful lighting with a beautiful story

On the island of Murano, in the beautiful scenery of Venice, this beautiful and artistic form of glass art originates. For several centuries locals have been practicing this noble art and the results speak for themselves. So with products from Murano, it's not just a matter of a simple form of glass lamps and glass art, no, it's an art and style that involves much more than the otherwise incredibly beautiful exterior that also characterizes the second-hand Murano products we sell here at Land of colors, not least this beautiful type of Murano chandelier.

There is something about the beautiful glow and the atmosphere a Murano chandelier brings to the interior. As mentioned, it is not just a light source, but a regular work of art that will undoubtedly adorn your home as the crowning glory or, as one can say here, the chandelier! 

Murano Chandeliers in the finest quality

When you buy your new Murano chandelier from Farveladeland, you can be absolutely sure that you will always get a product of the finest quality. Because although it is not always synonymous with second-hand, we take great care in the quality of our products, and therefore hand-pick our chandeliers ourselves, and quality-assure them before they enter the website. All our products, both Murano chandeliers, vases, lamps, table settings and other interior items, are of course second-hand flea finds that we want to give new life to, maybe we even have something that fits perfectly into your lovely home? - We are strong advocates for recycling and for reducing the environmental footprint in our everyday life. You can also read much more about that at environmental footprint-since. where we also discuss how we find our products and how they are packaged in an environmentally friendly way.

Think sustainably and buy beautiful flea finds

At Farveladeland you can find most types of Murano chandeliers and many other second-hand interiors. See, among other things, our beautiful selection of Murano glass art, Murano vases or Murano mushroom lamps, which is sure to be a huge hit in your decor. 

We send parcels every Monday, and if, like us, you care a lot about the environment and love to shop second-hand, you can advantageously choose to collect your purchases into a pile. All you have to do is just choose collection in the store, and when you have enough products for a larger delivery, you choose delivery to your address. That way, you only pay for delivery once, we only pack once, and the shipping company only has to go through with the package once - a real win-win-win.