Frequently asked questions

I have not received an order confirmation. Has my order gone through?
Unfortunately, we find that our emails sometimes end up in spam. If you have already checked your spam folder, please reach out to us. You should receive both order confirmation, notification that your item is ready for collection or that your item has been dispatched including the tracking number either by email or SMS depending on what you have chosen at check-out.

Can I pile up?
You can think you can - for both the environment's sake, yours and ours, you can have your finds sent off together when you have gathered a little together. Then you only pay shipping once, we only spend time packing one package and the shipping company only has to drive past you once. When you start your pile, you choose collection instead of sending. Only with your last order do you choose shipping, and then we pack all your finds together. In some cases, we may have to pack your order in several packages, e.g. if you buy a large and fragile item such as a lamp. If this is the case, we will contact you. You can collect to a pile for 45 days from the last order placed. By choosing collection, you agree that we will withdraw the money from your account immediately. 

When can I come by if I choose local pickup?
If you write to us via Instagram, we will find a time together when you can come by and pick up your treasures. We work alternately at home, so there is usually a good opportunity to come by during the day Monday-Friday!

How quickly will I receive my goods if I have chosen to have them sent? 
As a general rule, we send packages every Monday. This means that if you place your order on Tuesday afternoon, it will be dispatched the following Monday. GLS has 2 days delivery time, while DAO has 2-4 days. Should it be urgent, please reach out to us on Instagram. Then we will do our best to accommodate your wish. 

How do you ensure that the goods do not break during transport?
Farveladeland has been in existence for almost 3 years, which is why we have accumulated quite a bit of experience in shipping fragile items. All shipments are packed with newspaper, bubble wrap and extra cardboard to insulate and absorb shock as best as possible. Farveladeland also bears full responsibility for the product until it is delivered to you. 

What is your return policy?
All items are purchased second-hand from dealers, private and online marketplaces. The majority are delicate goods that should be handled with care, and therefore they are not intended to be sent back and forth.

When picking up at Munkensvej 4, in Frederiksberg, the item is handed over as occupied, and then your right of return is waived. 

If you get the item sent, you have 14 days according to the Consumer Purchase Act to return your order if the item does not meet your expectations. The 14 days apply from the day the package is ready for collection in your chosen package shop or from the day it is handed over to you by the shipping company. If you wish to return, please send an email to and inform us of this. The package must be returned with delivery to the address.

You cannot cancel a purchase by refusing to receive the item without first informing Farveladeland of this. Should you still fail to pick up the item in the parcel shop or refuse receipt, a fee of DKK 100 will be charged, which will be deducted from the return amount you receive after we have processed your return case. 

You are responsible for return shipping yourself and bear full responsibility for the item arriving safely. Should the package be lost or the contents damaged, you are therefore liable for the full amount yourself. Therefore, make sure to package the item adequately. We also recommend that you return the package with a shipping company that offers Track & Trace. We do not accept parcels sent by cash on delivery.

From the time we receive the returned goods and the return case has been processed and approved, it takes 5-7 days before the money is transferred to the same account from which you paid. Please note that you will be reimbursed for the price of the item, but not the shipping.  

What do I do if things break during shipping?
Should the unfortunate event happen that the package disappears or the contents are damaged during transport, the full amount will be refunded. As our items are vintage finds, it is only in rare cases possible for us to send a similar copy. In the event that the package arrives damaged, please inform us via email or Instagram. In both cases, please include the following photos, which we use for case processing at the shipping company: 1. A photo of the package from the outside, where the label can be seen - 2. A photo of the goods in the package, including how they are packaged - 3. A photo of the damaged goods. We ask you to wait to dispose of packaging and/or unused goods until we have confirmed receipt of images. 

Where do you find the products?
All the products here in the Farveladeland universe are handpicked from marketplaces, flea markets or directly from private individuals around the world. When you shop in Farveladeland's universe, you can be absolutely sure that all finds in Farveladeland are second-hand - whether it's plates, lamps or drinking glasses

Other questions? Finally reach out!