Environmental footprint

In Farveladeland, there is a huge focus on taking care of the environment. This is done through various initiatives, which you can read more about below.

The becoming

In 2019, Chris saw how many treasures are found at the Danish flea markets. She therefore took it upon herself to give all the beauties a new life - indeed, many of them ended up in their own apartment in the first place, and this is where Frede comes into the picture with the saying "1 in, 1 out". Today we show you how the many colorful finds can be included in a modern home. Whether you are looking for the neat nordic style or the slightly more playful pastel universe, you can be sure to find a bit of both worlds here in Farveladeland's universe. 

The products

When you shop in Farveladeland's universe, you can be absolutely sure that all finds in Farveladeland are second-hand - whether it's plates, lamps or drinking glasses. All these unique items are handpicked around the world at various marketplaces, flea markets or directly from private individuals who sell their unique and used items.

Furthermore, you will be able to buy whimsical handmade colored ceramic and find inspiration for apartment upgrades in our DIY universe in the navigation bar. 

This is how we pack

When you shop in Farveladeland's universe and have packages sent, you will find that the packaging and package padding, just like your find, are not newly purchased. Family and friends collect everything they have from newspapers, cardboard boxes, flamingos and whatever else you have that is good to use to pack fragile treasures with. Even Christmas wrapping paper is recycled as package filling. This means that by shopping here in our universe, you support our efforts to both give new life to old finds, but also to recycle a lot of residual material that would otherwise be allocated to the waste sites around Denmark. In addition to family and friends, we also use local shops to find our packaging and therefore also get boxes from merchants around Nørrebro and Frederiksberg.

We support!