Collection: Murano ceiling lamps

At Farveladeland, we always have many beautiful Murano ceiling lamps on our webshop. We handpick all our lamps ourselves, and choose only the ceiling lamps and pendants that are of the finest quality. Are you looking for one of these beautiful lamps, but do not yet know which Murano ceiling lamp is the perfect fit for your home? Maybe you just need to feel or see the lamp in reality before you choose to buy? Then finally contact us via the contact form or on Instagram. Also remember that we always have many other beautiful ones Murano lamps in the shop - we look forward to doing business with you.

Murano Pendel

The Murano Pendant has become one of the biggest hits as a light source in recent years. It is a beautiful and elegant solution that can be used with advantage both in the kitchen and in the bedroom. The Murano Pendel lamp also works super well as a primary light source in the living room, where the beautiful and natural light is reflected in the glass, and gives a soft and pleasant feeling of light. The Murano Pendant has become immensely popular, and we understand that. See our many Murano pendants on this page. 

Murano Ceiling lamps in the finest quality

When you buy your new Murano ceiling lamp from Farveladeland, you can be absolutely sure that you will always get the most fantastic ceiling lamps from Murano, and always of the finest quality. We take great care in the quality of our products, and therefore hand-pick all the lamps ourselves, and quality-assure them before they enter the website. All our products, both lamps, murano vases, table setting and other interior, are second-hand flea finds - We are in favor of recycling and to reduce the environmental footprint of our everyday life. You can read more about ours environmental footprint, where we also go into how we find the products, as well as how they are packaged in an environmentally friendly way. 

Buy Murano ceiling lamps online

It can be very difficult to find the completely original Murano ceiling lamps in physical stores, due to their Italian origin. In order to find the classic and most beautiful Murano ceiling lamps of the best quality, you therefore often have to pass by various flea markets down through Europe. We have made it easy for you to furnish your home with beautiful and decorative light sources from Murano. Buy original Murano ceiling lamps online here on this page. 

Murano Ceiling lamps with swirl

One of the things that Murano ceiling lamps and pendants are particularly well known for is the beautiful swirl pattern that many of the lamps are decorated with. It gives a fantastically beautiful expression, and contributes to a large extent to the interior design of the home. We always get new original Murano ceiling lamps with different swirl patterns, but if you need something really special, you are more than welcome to contact us. Then we would like to try to find exactly your future lamp. 

Buy great finds and collect to pile

At Farveladeland you will find most types of Murano lamps and many other second-hand interiors. See, among other things, our beautiful selection of Murano wall lamps, Mushroom lamps or Murano Table Lamps, which is sure to be a hit in the interior. 

We send parcels every Monday, and if, like us, you care a lot about the environment and love to shop second-hand, you can advantageously choose to collect in a pile. Simply choose collection in the store, and when you have enough products for a larger delivery, you choose delivery to your address. That way, you only pay for delivery once, we only pack once, and the shipping company only has to come by with the package once.