Collection: Arcoroc Glas

Vintage Arcoroc glass for every occasion

Not only are our fine Arcoroc glasses beautiful finds that fit perfectly into your table setting, they are also of certified quality, where even time must tighten to leave no scars. It goes without saying that with Europe's leading glass manufacturer, you won't go wrong in the city when you choose to upgrade your home's table setting with glass and crockery.

At Farveladeland, we love to give new life to beautiful forgotten items and right here a brand like Arcoroc is ideal in that the long-lasting and uniquely produced glass is far more resistant and durable. The brand produces tempered glass, which means that durability is extended and the expression of the design is unique, regardless of the collection.

Our collection of Arcoroc glasses, bowls and cups, etc. all have a unique look and fit in perfectly with those of you who love beautiful and whimsical flea finds, as much as we do!

Beautiful glass with a unique history

With origins dating back to the 17th century, the Arcoroc product has a completely unique history. Arcoroc is durable glass produced to withstand more than normally used glass in the home, without the robustness of the glass having an effect on the good look - which is why you often find their glass in bars, restaurants, hotels and similar establishments.

Headquartered in the northern French town of Arques, just 40 km from cities such as Calais and Dunkirk, Arc Holdings, the makers of the Arcoroc brand, have created a glass and tableware empire that has gradually become synonymous with quality when it comes to table settings - whether for the home or occupationally. The name itself also draws threads to the city of origin Arques and is equally a stamp of quality.    

After the First World War, the Arcoroc product experienced particular popularity, with its shock-resistant tempered glass, and has since continued and modernized the incomparable product - such as, among others, the beautiful flea finds you find here at Farveladeland.

Arcoroc glass in high quality

The French-produced Arcoroc glass is characterized by being durable, functional and of great design. The glass articles are available in many different shapes and sizes and, regardless of taste, give new life to your table setting. Our selection of Arcoroc glass items all offer something unique, so take the time to browse our universe and see if you come across something you like.

In Farveladeland's universe, you are guaranteed that all Farvelade finds are second-hand, regardless of whether they are about sarreguemines tallerkener, murano lamps or Arcoroc glassware. All objects, unique in their own way, are carefully selected from markets, flea markets or directly from private individuals who sell their beautiful things from all over the world - with the desire to give forgotten things new life.

With our glass articles from Arcoroc, it has never been easier to leave your mark on the environment and at the same time help fight consumption and the throw-away culture - without reducing the quality of the beautiful and inviting glass products for your table setting!

You can never get enough of Arcoroc

Our beautiful Arcoroc flea finds suit every taste. Whatever you are looking for champagne glasses, bowls, cups - both with or without swirl - you will probably find it here in our little oasis of fantastically beautiful products that everyone misses to mark and delight a new home.

There are many Arcoroc collections, so we have taken the liberty of selecting the products that we have fallen in love with along the way, as they - each product separately - can do something completely unique for the expression in your home. This is also why one Arcoroc product rarely stands alone, which is why we are constantly looking for new and beautiful finds that can adorn your home and table setting.

New home for beautiful finds

At Farveladeland you will always find a multitude of beautiful and whimsical flea finds in our assortment. We handpick each and every product, and choose only products of the finest quality, which as mentioned they practically always are due to the solid quality that the tempered glass imparts.

Are you looking for one of these Arcoroc beauties, without knowing which piece of glass suits your home? It could be that you are one of those who just have to feel or see the physical product before you choose to buy? Therefore, do not hesitate to get in touch via our contact form on this page or on our Instagram.