Collection: Mugs and cups

Do you also think that the drinks just taste a bit better when they are served in extra nice mugs and cups? Especially ceramic mugs and cups give an absolutely fantastic feeling, as they can both be beautiful to look at, and give a good feeling when you drink from them. At Farveladeland you will find many different ceramic mugs and cups on our webshop. We hand-pick them ourselves from various places throughout Europe, and only choose mugs and cups of the best quality.

World-class ceramic mugs and cups

Ceramics is a broad term. Many of us have tried our hand at ceramics ourselves, where we have had to paint on a porcelain cup or shape a bowl. It is therefore not unusual for us to have something at home that has been created by ourselves or someone we know. However, there is still a long way from what most of us can achieve to what the art of ceramics can achieve. We say that, even though we're sure you've done a good job sitting with the ceramics yourself. On this site, you will find absolutely world-class ceramics, where both the cup/mug and the decoration are of exquisite quality.  

Feel the craftsmanship when the coffee is to be served

Quality products are hard to find. They don't hang on the trees, which is what makes it so nice when you finally find something that is of a very special quality. At Farveladeland, we only look for products that fall under this category. That's why we're sure you'd love to have a set of our ceramic mugs or cups. There is something very special and cozy about sitting with ceramic mugs and cups, which are made exactly according to the book and therefore feel completely right. Try it yourself by finding the set that suits your home and your personality. 

Ceramic mugs in all shades

At Farveladeland you will find ceramic mugs in all shades. We have ceramic mugs that are shaped like a string and others that have a very special expression. What they all have in common is that they are made according to the art of ceramics, which means that the feeling of holding them and the expression they have is completely unique. We are looking forward to sending you a lot of lovely mugs, so that the coffee or tea can be drunk from unique and expressive mugs in your home. Explore all of our ceramic mugs on this page and see if we have a mug that suits your taste. 

The environmentally friendly purchase

Unfortunately, not all Danes' purchases are as environmentally friendly as many of us would like. Sometimes it can be difficult to know whether the purchase has a high or low environmental footprint, which is why we here at Farveladeland make a point of talking about the way we do it. We find all our products second-hand and pack the products environmentally friendly when they are sent out to you. You can read much more about Farveladeland's environmental footprint here

Ceramic mugs in all kinds of colours 

A cup set can decorate the coffee table in the very best way. Many of us forget to make something extra out of the coffee table... Maybe it's because we don't have a ceramic set that we want to display. It may also be that we forget to use what we have. In any case, there are many good reasons to use ceramic cups on a pleasant afternoon. Look at our many different ceramic cups on this page, where you will find ceramic cups in all kinds of colors. We hope that, like us, you will try to get better at setting up the afternoon coffee nicely. At Farveladeland, we have always seen the coziness that is created when the afternoon coffee is nicely set. 

Cup set for any event

At Farveladeland you will find cup sets that can be used for any occasion. It could be that you invite the whole family for afternoon coffee. It could be that the friends are coming for evening tea sometime. It could also be that you and your partner usually enjoy a little cake and good tea on Sundays. There can be many reasons to acquire a delicious cup set, which can be used for all occasions. Therefore, look at our many options and find the cup set that you and your guests will be happy with. 

Ceramic mugs and cups for you

Just as the picture on the wall and the choice of sofa radiate part of your personality, you also show personality when you put the cup or tea set on the table. All our things that we display in our home are part of us, and therefore part of the personality we want to show and the framework we want to create around our guests. We have therefore made a point of finding ceramic mugs and cups in many shapes and colours, so hopefully there is a set of mugs or cups that suit you.

Ceramics as art

Art comes in many guises. We often associate art with paintings, sculptures or things that cannot enter our homes at all. Art can also come in sizes that we have room for in our homes. It can sometimes be difficult to find space for art in its most familiar form, but if you wish, you can easily fill your home with all kinds of small works of art. Take a look for yourself on this page, where you will find a large number of beautiful ceramic works that can come to your home. 

When the rain falls and when the sun shines

Even when the rain falls, ceramics from Farveladeland are at home. Our mugs and cups also do this when the sun is shining. There is nothing like sitting inside with a cup of hot tea, cocoa or coffee while the rain falls outside. It is even better when the mug or cup fits perfectly in the hand because the craftsmanship is done properly. It also does not matter that the mug or cup is decorated in an elegant and artistic way. We naturally try to set up the perfect scenario for our products, but aren't we right that it sounds nice?

Of course, our ceramic mugs and cups also look good on a nice sunny day. Whether it's cold or hot outside, the coffee still needs to be drunk, so why not do just that in a delicious piece of ceramics from Farveladeland? When the sun spreads its light over our mugs and cups, it will only become even more beautiful to look at. Test for yourself and find just what you, your guests and your home need. 

Come and visit us

It can be difficult to see the expression in our ceramic mugs and cups when they are shown in pictures. We are therefore very open to you coming and visiting us, so that we can show you all our beautiful mugs and cups. When you come by, we might be allowed to show you our beautiful Murano lamps or ours kander, which will go well with our ceramic mugs and ceramic cups. If you want to visit us, you can contact us at the form at the top of the page.