Collection: Murano lamps

At Farveladeland, we always have a multitude of beautiful Murano lamps in stock. We handpick the lamps ourselves, and choose only vintage lamps of the finest quality. Are you looking for one of these beauties, but don't yet know which Murano lamp is the perfect fit for your home? Maybe you are one of those who just have to feel or see it in real life before you decide to buy? Then contact us via the contact form or on Instagram

Murano Lamps handpicked by Farveladeland

When you buy Murano Lamps from Farveladeland, you can be sure that you will always get the very classic Murano Lamps, of the finest quality. We hand-pick the lamps ourselves, and quality-assure them before they arrive on the webshop. All our products, both lamps, murano vases, table settings and other interiors, are flea finds, which is characterized by our focus on taking care of the environment. Read more about our environmental footprint, where we go into how we find the products, as well as how they are packaged in an environmentally friendly way. 


Decorate the home with traditional handmade Murano lamps 

When you are considering buying a lamp, you may need many different types of lamps. Fortunately, there are Murano lamps for every room and for every style. 

Murano Table Lamps

The classic Murano Table Lamps are available in many different colours, styles and sizes. They fit perfectly on the bedside table, and also work super well as a supplement to the ceiling lighting in the living room. See our large selection of beautiful and fine Murano table lamps. 

Murano Ceiling Lamps / Pendant

Murano Ceiling lamps, also known as Murano Pendants, are a fantastic light source which, with their gentle and charming light, can brighten up any room. The beautiful Murano lamps are available with a swirl pattern, silver and gold glitter, as well as in different shapes and colours. See our selection of Murano Ceiling Lamps and Murano Pendant

Murano Wall Lamps / Plafond

Murano wall lamps, like the other types of lamps, are characterized by their beautiful design, and are often available with the characteristic swirl pattern. The lamps vary in size, but are often available between 30cm. - 50 cm. in diameter. See our selection of Murano wall lamps here.


Murano Mushroom lamps

The classic Mushroom lamps have, in recent years, increased immensely in popularity - and we understand that! The beautiful lamps fit perfectly into any decor. Several people have tried to copy the style and design, but you rarely find a nicer lamp than a classic Murano mushroom lamp.  



Buy vintage Murano lamps online

It can be very difficult to find original vintage Murano lamps in physical stores, due to their origin from Italy. All genuine Murano glass lamps are handmade, and you often have to go to various flea markets throughout Europe to find the coolest and most colorful lamps. We have made it easier for you to furnish your home with beautiful and decorative light sources from Murano. Buy original Murano lamps online here on this page, and be sure to get a really good deal. 

Create a stylish interior with a Murano Lamp with swirl

Murano lamps are characterized by their very special and characteristic features. Traits like asymmetry, imperfections, and unique designs. One of the most popular designs that characterize Murano lamps is the popular swirl pattern. Murano lamps with swirl fit perfectly, both in completely stylish homes, but also in homes with more "quirky" furnishings. 

Selected Murano lamps of the finest quality

Our Murano lamps are specially selected, based on aesthetics, quality and rarity. We have both the completely classic Murano lamps and more original designs, which are no two alike. Although we find Murano lamps of the finest quality, we cannot guarantee perfect and symmetrical glass. It is simply because Murano glass is characterized by being 100% handmade. This results, among other things, in the classic characteristics such as asymmetry and the formation of air bubbles in the glass. If you are curious to learn more about Murano glass, we have a guide to take you through everything you need to know about Murano glass

Buy retro lamps and collect for a pile

At Farveladeland you can buy retro lamps, as well as second-hand table setting and colorful interiors.  

We ship every Monday, and if, like us, you care a lot about the environment and love to shop second-hand, you can benefit from collecting in a pile. Simply choose collection in the store, and when you have enough products for a larger delivery, you simply choose delivery to your address. That way, you only pay for delivery once, we only pack once, and the shipping company only has to come by with the package once.