Collection: Vintage ceiling lamps

At Farveladeland, we always have a wealth of beautiful vintage ceiling lamps and vintage pendants in stock. We handpick the lamps ourselves, and choose only vintage lamps of the finest quality. Are you looking for one of these beauties, but don't yet know which Murano lamp is the perfect fit for your home? Maybe you are one of those who just have to feel or see it in real life before you decide to buy? Then finally contact us via the contact form or on Instagram


Your home needs a vintage ceiling lamp!

On this page you can find vintage ceiling lamps in many different shapes, colors and patterns. We deal in many different vintage finds, but have a great fondness for Murano lamps, which is why you can find a large selection of Murano ceiling lamps and pendants among our vintage ceiling lamps. We hope you find what you are looking for and look forward to sending one vintage lamp off to you!

Vintage ceiling lamps can often be the thing that ties the living room, bedroom or a whole third room together. Not only with the lovely light that can be spread out to all corners of the room, it is also an element that has a large place in the interior. It is therefore an important choice to make when choosing a ceiling lamp, but fortunately here at Farveladeland you will find vintage ceiling lamps that will certainly decorate your home.

If the modern ceiling lamps do not fit right into the style that you have, or if you are looking for a ceiling lamp that can break a little with your decor, then a vintage ceiling lamp may be just what you are looking for.


Mix vintage with your modern decor

When you mix trends or styles from different times, a very special atmosphere is often created in the home. It happens that the different elements of your home start to compliment each other in a way that is not achieved in the same way when thinking exclusively in modern things. With a vintage ceiling lamp, you add an element to the home that will stand as a central part of your home. When you buy a vintage ceiling lamp at Farveladeland, you get a lamp that is special and that you probably won't find many other places. We look forward to sending you a vintage ceiling lamp! 


Let your vintage ceiling lamp take center stage

When ceiling lamps usually hang down from the ceiling, they often become a very central part of the impression you get when you enter the room. It is therefore a good investment to take the time to find the right recycled ceiling lamp that fits in your home. We have a large selection of vintage ceiling lamps, which contribute a special expression and, together with your existing furniture, complete the room in which you place the lamp.


Vintage pendants in many forms

With us, you will find vintage pendants in many shapes - and in many colours, not least... A pendant often takes on an even greater role in the room than classic ceiling lamps, which hang right up to the ceiling. This means that the pendant can change the entire mood of the room simply by hanging the lamp. So if you need a little change in your home without replacing everything you own, you can find a vintage pendant light at Farveladeland, which will fit perfectly into your existing decor and make the room feel new and fresh.  


Let a vintage pendant light hang beautifully in your home

If you already know that you need to get a pendant light, then luckily you have ended up in a place where you have a lot of options. There is plenty of opportunity to choose a unique vintage pendant ceiling lamp, which will add a decorative element to your home in every way. We have many vintage pendants that you can take a look at, and if you would like to see them in real life, you can contact us and book an appointment right here. We would love to show you our many beautiful vintage ceiling lamps, so we make sure you get the right lamp home!


Buy your vintage ceiling lamp at Farveladeland

Let yourself be inspired by our many options and find your new ceiling lamp. You can be absolutely sure that the quality of your ceiling lamp is top notch when you buy a vintage ceiling lamp from Farveladeland. We only offer lamps that have been thoroughly tested and are in tip-top condition. This means that you receive a lamp that looks like new. It is always a pleasure for us to send one of our vintage ceiling lights because we know it will bring smiles and joy when it is hung in your home.