Collection: Vintage lamps

When the home needs a boost, vintage items can be the way forward. Often, a vintage lamp can actually be what your home is missing. Vintage lamps are available in many varieties and colors, which means that you will definitely be able to find the lamp that fits in your home. At Farveladeland you will find high-quality recycled lamps, which with timeless designs will forever appear as a natural part of your home. See our large selection of vintage lamps right here!

Vintage lamps are modern

It has long been fashionable to mix your decor with new objects and vintage elements, resulting in an interior that is special, elegant and timeless. Mixing trends from different times will probably never go out of style, as it often ends up with a complete and unique interior design. We are proud to be able to offer vintage lamps that can go straight into your decor and be just the element that was missing. We hope that you will explore the many options and find the lamp that you cannot do without!

We sell many different types of vintage lamps, but we have a great fondness for Murano lamps, which is why you can also find a large selection of Murano table lamps, Murano mushroom lamps, Murano wall lamps, and Murano ceiling lamps among our many finds. We hope you find what you are looking for, and look forward to sending you a vintage table lamp!


Vintage recycled lamps for the home

Maybe you have a place in your home that could use a nice and elegant recycled lamp. Most homes can easily handle having recycled lamps hanging. Homes are often completed when one of the vintage lamps from Farveladeland is hung up. We look forward to sending you a vintage lamp, regardless of whether it is a table lamp, ceiling lamp or a wall lamp.   


Vintage table lamps

If there is a corner in the living room or a table that needs a nice table lamp, then you have come to exactly the right place. Not only that you find vintage table lamps of high quality, our recycled lamps are also incredibly beautiful. They are made right by the book, where craftsmanship and design were at the top of the priority list when the lamps were designed and produced. That is why they can still be an element that contributes something very special when they are put into use many years later. 


Vintage ceiling lamps

Vintage ceiling lamps often stands as a central element when it comes to the overall experience of the living room, dining room or a third place. It can therefore be a good place to invest in something very special. Often the modern lamps can lack a bit of edge or detail that recycled ceiling lamps possess. We are therefore fans of vintage ceiling lamps, as they add a completely unique atmosphere to the room. 


Vintage wall lamps

When the walls are missing elements, then a vintage wall lamp be the way forward. They often provide a nice light, which can especially be used in the evening, when a slightly more subdued and calm atmosphere is desired in the home. Unlike ceiling lamps, wall lamps can light up parts of the room without it being too bright. In addition, vintage wall lamps are an element which is decorative regardless of whether they are lit or not. It can therefore have the same effect as hanging a piece of wall art, as the decorative element is always top notch.


Pick up your very own vintage lamp in Copenhagen

When your apartment or house needs to be decorated with the most beautiful lamps, it is often a big decision. We understand that very well. That is why we offer that you can drop by our showroom and see your future vintage lamp without any obligation before you decide to buy it. In this way, we are sure that you make the right decision and come home with exactly what you have been looking for! 

Write to us and stop by our showroom if you want to take a closer look at our many vintage lamps in Copenhagen. If you don't find exactly what you're looking for, we'll be happy to keep our eyes and ears open for very special requests, as we regularly bring home new vintage lamps from flea markets around Europe.


Retro lamps of exquisite quality

When the home is missing the last thing, it can be difficult to put your finger on what it is that is missing. Sometimes you have to try your best and other times it is crystal clear what is missing. We know that retro lamps have solved furnishing challenges for many of our customers. Retro is the new black and it will stay that way well into the future. It can therefore be the solution to your furnishing challenge.  

We see many advantages in acquiring retro lamps. In addition to their beautiful design, which fits into any type of decor, the quality is also high. Real retro lamps are built according to the good old methods, where craftsmanship was one of the most important elements in production. This means that when you buy a retro lamp, you can be sure that it works and that it will continue to do so.    


Vintage lighting provides a completely unique light incidence

Maybe it sounds strange with vintage lighting, but at Farveladeland we believe that light varies according to the lamp that distributes it. The light that comes out of a modern lamp is therefore not quite the same as what comes out of our vintage lamps. It is as if the light is distributed differently, which often gives a very special atmosphere in the room where the vintage lamp is placed. Even when the lamp is switched off, it contributes something special. See the lamp as a piece of art with practical qualities in that it lights up your room when it gets dark. 

Yes, we absolutely love vintage lighting, in case you haven't noticed. Find the vintage lamp that speaks to you on this page, so that you and your home can benefit from the very special things that these lamps can do.


Let yourself be inspired by the vintage style

Sometimes you don't know what's missing until you see it. We therefore hope that you will take a look at the many vintage lamps that we have found for you. It may be that it is a recycled lamp that will complete your home. When the modern style is mixed with the old fashioned, a mood is often created that is unique and very unique. It is therefore often worth it when a vintage lamp is bought, as it quickly completes the room, which may have lacked the final "touch".