Collection: Vintage table lamps

With vintage table lamps, you add a piece of art with functional qualities to your home. At Farveladeland, we ensure that you can get a vintage table lamp that does something good for your home both when it is switched off and when it is switched on. In our eyes, a lamp should not only be there for the sake of light. It must be an element which does something good for the overall experience in the room in which it is placed. Explore our many vintage table lamps on this page, so you can find the lamp that fits in your home. 


Let a vintage table lamp complete your home

There is definitely a place in your home where a vintage table lamp will fit in. It could be the desk, the bedside table or a corner in your living room where a table lamp could be advantageously placed. No matter where you place one of our beautiful vintage table lamps, it will appear as a central element in the room. It will, as our vintage table lamps have very special and unique designs. You can therefore look forward to completing the decor without much difficulty when you add one and our many beautiful vintage table lamps to the room.


Vintage glass table lamps

Let the beautiful work in glass become a permanent part of your home. Our beautiful vintage glass table lamps will become an element that you and your home will not be able to do without once it has entered the home's four walls. It will become an element that your guests will envy. Vintage table lamps in glass simply give a completely unique expression that is not found in many other objects. Let yourself be inspired by our beautiful options so that you can become the owner of a completely unique vintage table lamp. 

Beautiful table lamps for the home

We offer only vintage lamps of the best quality and with a design that is not available in many other places. We can do that because we spend a lot of time finding the most beautiful table lamps that we want to give a new home. We sell many different vintage finds, but have a great fondness for Murano lamps, which is why you can also find a large selection of Murano table lamps and Murano mushroom lamps among our many finds. We hope you find what you are looking for, and look forward to sending you a vintage table lamp!


Find the table lamp that you cannot do without

Once you discover the many vintage table lamps that we can offer you, you can be sure to find a lamp that fits perfectly on your desk, bedside table or perhaps in the living room. Vintage table lamps can be a perfect element for the home, as it can break with the modern furniture, artwork or the expression that the home already has. You add an element that fits in and not least compliments the things that the home already contains.


Buy vintage table lamps at Farveladeland

If not with us, then who? We have a large selection of vintage table lamps that you can get your hands on. Furthermore, we guarantee the quality of all our lamps, which means that they are thoroughly tested and work exactly as they should. Not only is the quality top notch, we also only select lamps that are beautiful and elegant, which is why most of our lamps will certainly fit into most homes. Take a look at this page and see if we should have the lamp that fits in with you.  


Pick up your very own vintage table lamp in Copenhagen

We love to have visitors, so if you want to see our vintage table lamps in real life, we are more than open to showing our lamps. You can book a meeting with us here, so we make sure to be present when you arrive. If there is a special table lamp that you want to look at, make a note of it when you book your appointment so that we can put it on display for you.

If you don't find exactly what you're looking for, we'll be happy to keep our eyes and ears open for very special requests, as we regularly bring home new vintage lamps from flea markets around Europe.

We are looking forward to hear from you!