Collection: Sarreguemines porcelain

The beautiful Sarreguemines porcelain

There is nothing like a traditional and enormously beautiful piece of porcelain or earthenware from Sarreguemines. That's why we at Farveladeland have excelled in offering finds from the beautiful and traditional north-east French area of ​​Sarreguemines. You probably know our fish plates, which bear the stamp of the culture of beautiful porcelain and earthenware from Sarreguemines, but it is not only plates that the Sarreguemines area is known for! You can go exploring in our universe of whimsical flea finds and be lucky to find more than just Sarreguemine plates, because we have everything from dishes to jugs that will undoubtedly arouse your interest and increase the joy of the table setting - both for you and your Guests. 

At Farvaladeland you have plenty of opportunity to explore flea finds of many different origins, but it is rare to see people scrolling past all the beautiful Sarreguemines porcelain without stopping an extra time to take a look.
It looks very good in my home! Yes, the Sarreguemines style is good in many homes and in many contexts. That's why it's also a sure winner when we help quirky and beautiful flea finds find a new home. 

High quality Sarreguemine faience

In the French region of Grand Est lies beautiful Sarreguemines, where the beautiful Sarreguemines faience originates. There are two original types of earthenware. The classic earthenware originates from the Persian Empire, and was later brought west to Europe and the contemporary earthenware, which originates from England. Common to both types is the way in which the beautiful colors and rich color combinations stand out and are significantly more impressive than on classic porcelain. This is exactly the case with the Sarreguemine faience that we sell here at Farveladeland. Although this beautiful type of Sarreguemines porcelain has a global origin, it undoubtedly belongs in your home, especially if you are into a slightly more playful pastel universe.

We have set ourselves the goal of giving new life to old, beautiful and forgotten things - it is therefore an honor to be able to offer our Sarreguemines fishing plates and porcelain of such high quality to all of you who appreciate a beautiful flea find and more importantly to all of you who wants to leave its mark on the environment and is doing its part to fight consumption and the throw-away culture!

Much more than just a plate of Sarreguemines

Originating in the beautiful and scenic French region of Grand Est, our Sarreguemines porcelain is quite a rare find. Fortunately, you don't have to pack the car and drive around the world to acquire these rarities, no, luckily we've got ahead of you, so you just have to order your upcoming Sarreguemines earthenware from us. So you've come to the right place if you're looking for the beautiful and unique Sarreguemines plates, bowls and jugs for your table setting.

In Farveladeland's universe, you are guaranteed that all Farvelade finds are second-hand, regardless of whether it concerns plates, Murano lamps or Sarreguemine's products. All objects, unique in their own way, are carefully selected from markets, flea markets or directly from private individuals who sell their beautiful things from all over the world - including finds from French Sarreguemines.

Find new homes for beautiful finds!

At Farveladeland, we always have a wealth of beautiful and whimsical flea finds in stock. We handpick each individual product and only choose Sarreguemines porcelain of the finest quality. Are you looking for one of these Sarreguemines beauties, without knowing which piece of Sarreguemines porcelain suits your home? It could be that you are one of those who just have to feel or see the physical product before you choose to buy? Finally, don't hesitate to get in touch via our contact form on this page or on our Instagram.