Collection: Luminarc glas

French design at its best

Luminarc glass originates from the traditional and fashionable Pas-de-Calais in northern France. In the town of Arques in 1948, the now well-known service brand was founded and has since grown so large that their glass and porcelain are now sold in more than 150 countries worldwide.

In other words, these beautiful glass and porcelain works have seen most of the world and we are now lucky enough to be able to offer these beautiful and beautiful Luminarc glasses in our assortment of whimsical flea finds. Among other things, here at farladeland you can find Luminarc champagne glasses, Luminarc wine glasses, not to forget our martini glasses. 

Why choose Luminarc glass?

In addition to the obviously fantastic design and beautiful glasswork, the Luminarc brand also supplies one of the most hygienic glass and porcelain products. In Luminarc glass, as with the vast majority of glass products, you will find no porosity and therefore these products are 100% hygienic. Even the porcelain products from Luminarc are the least porous pieces of ceramics on the market, so with these products from Luminarc, quality is to that extent paramount!

If you also want to do your bit for the climate and our planet, you have undoubtedly come to the right place. Because in addition to buying Farveladeland's wonderful flea finds, you save the environment for new production of glass, the already produced glass from Luminarc is also created with consideration for the environment. Luminarc glass is produced on the basis of circular economy and sustainable principles, without compromising on the beautiful design - we call that a win-win! 

At Farveladeland, we love Luminarc glass

Not only that our range of Luminarc glass are wonderful finds that fit perfectly into your table settings, they are also of certified quality. All this seasoned with a growing commitment to the environment, with a huge focus on sustainability and circular economy from the producers of the Luminarc glass. 

For Luminarc, the focus has long been on functionality and usability in the production of their glass and porcelain products. However, that approach has changed and now sustainability is paramount in everything from production and design to distribution, where one of their goals is to eco-design 100% of their products by 2025. 

It goes without saying that with Europe's leading glass manufacturers, you won't go wrong in the city when you choose to upgrade your home's table setting with glass and tableware - that's why Luminarc glass is a natural choice for many.

At Farveladeland, we love to give new life to beautiful forgotten items and right here a brand like Luminarc is ideal in that the long-lasting and uniquely produced glass is very gentle on the environment and fits perfectly into our mission to benefit the environment via second- hand.

Our range of Luminarc glasses all have a unique look and fit in perfectly with those of you who love beautiful and whimsical flea finds, as much as we do!

Bubbles are best in a Luminarc champagne glass

This is of course a subjective opinion, but if you're really going to celebrate something to such an extent that bubbles are required, you might as well do it in style. And what's more stylish than pulling out a pair of Luminarc glasses to celebrate the big moments in life? Not a lot if you ask us, which is why you shouldn't be cheated of another one of our fantastic finds, namely our Luminarc champagne glass.

The glass production of the unique and beautiful Luminarc glasses gives a completely unique and fresh feeling to the colorful, but at the same time stylish champagne glasses that will undoubtedly add the finishing touch to your table setting. Regardless of whether it is a formal or informal occasion, Luminarc glasses are perfect for enjoying a cold glass of champagne and they are also just beautiful to look at.

Luminarc wine glasses, the perfect end to a beautiful table setting

Our Luminarc wine glass flea market is the ultimate addition to any beautiful table setting. These elegant wine glasses are designed with care and expertise, adding a sophisticated touch to any occasion. With their fine and colorful stem and crystal clear glass, Luminarc wine glasses provide a unique experience for anyone who enjoys a glass of wine every now and then. Whether it's a romantic dinner for two or a festive gathering, these wine glasses complete your table setting. Create the perfect atmosphere and put the finishing touches on your next festive event with Luminarc wine glasses from Farveladeland.

New home for wonderful flea finds

At Farveladeland you will always find beautiful and whimsical flea finds in our assortment. We handpick every single product we sell. You will therefore only find flea finds with soul and potential to bring new life to your home! And also in the finest quality. This also applies to our Luminarc glass, which will undoubtedly do well in your display cabinet and for your table setting.

Are you looking for one of these Luminarc beauties, without knowing which piece of glass fits your home? It could be that you just want to feel or see the physical product before you choose to buy? If you are, please do not hesitate to contact us contact form here on the site or on our website Instagram - then we get to look at the items together and, most importantly, give beautiful forgotten items a new home. Didn't find what you were looking for on this page? Then take a look at our large selection that includes everything for table setting.