Collection: Vintage wall lamps

Decorate the walls with vintage wall lamps

It can sometimes be a challenge to find space for light sources or find out what kinds of decoration can go on the walls. If you are faced with one or the other problem, vintage wall lamps from Farveladeland can be an essential solution. When you choose vintage wall lamps, you are buying lamps that are not only used to provide light but can also be used as a decorative element. Vintage wall lamps thus contribute more than just light.

The most common decorative elements for the walls usually consist of posters, paintings, shelves, etc. However, you can get a lot out of thinking in other ways such as wall lamps. In addition to being a good way to add an extra light source to the room, vintage wall lamps are also highly decorative in themselves. This means that the wall lamps will add a lot of value to the room even during the day, while also providing you with a source of pleasant light in the evening. 

Welcome the vintage style into the modern home

It gives a unique dynamic among your things when they complement each other across trends and times. It can sometimes be difficult to imagine how a vintage wall lamp can fit in if you have a home that is decorated with modern furniture. But it can! It often gives the room an extra dimension when styles are mixed, as the different things in the room are highlighted. Take a look at this page and find the vintage wall lamp that suits you.

A vintage wall lamp as a solution

Some homes are practically built for decorative wall lamps. It may be that you have a living room where it is difficult to add enough light sources. It may also be that you have an entrance where there is no possibility of a ceiling lamp. There can be many practical reasons for acquiring a vintage wall lamp. If it is one reason or another you have, we are ready with the solution for you. The question is just which vintage wall lamp you think fits in - maybe one Murano lampe is something for you?. Take a look at this page and find the lamp that is the perfect solution to your problem. 

Light source that does not take up space

In addition to the many visual advantages achieved with vintage wall lamps, there are also practical reasons for choosing wall lamps as a light source. When wall lamps are hung up, they provide fantastic light while not taking up a lot of space. A floor lamp, for example, will take up space that could be used for other things. In addition, it is not certain that the room in which you lack a light source is built to be able to have a lamp hanging from the ceiling or to have a floor lamp standing, which is why a wall lamp could be an essential solution. Last but not least, vintage wall lamps are extremely beautiful, which you will enjoy on top of all the practical benefits. 

Find the vintage wall lamp that you cannot do without

You've come to the right place if you love quality lamps, which can become a central part of your home decor. Our lamps are carefully selected, which not least applies to our many vintage wall lamps. Quality and design are two parameters that we do not want to compromise on, so you can be sure that you will get a lot of lamp for your money at Farveladeland. Our vintage wall lamps will decorate any home, so we look forward to sending you the wall lamp that you cannot live without!

Discover our vintage wall lamps

If you want to see our many vintage wall lamps in reality, or if you have found a wall lamp on this page that you want to see up close, then contact us and book an appointment here. We would very much like to show you the many options that you have and have a chat with you about the possible solutions that you may have. We are looking forward to welcome you.