Fiks dit skohelvede - mere orden!

Fix your shoe nightmare - more order!

Do you have too many shoes and do they always end up right inside the door, so you trip over them? You may live in an apartment where space is tight, or where everything is a little charmingly crooked. Then this is where you can get some ideas on solving the issue. The hallway in our apartment is crooked and narrow. We wanted a piece of furniture that could hold all of our shoes. A piece of furniture that blended in with the room and a piece of furniture on which vintage treasures could be placed, to make the small hallway more personal. 

As the hallway is crooked, we will only share overall measurements of the furniture and in addition share some process photos, which can hopefully get your idea generation started. 

The first step was to measure the length of our shoes. With Frede's size 44.5(EU), the shelf had to be 30cm deep. Furthermore, Chris' tall boots meant that at least one of the rooms had to be 25cm tall. In addition, we have measured sneaker height, HAY box width and the slope of the floor. 

We used 12mm MDF. However, we would recommend you to use 16mm. There is less chance of it splitting across if you don't pre-drill enough when assembling. We had the boards cut to size in a hardware store. It costs DKK 20-30 per cut. That is, if you need 3 boards of the same size, you pay for 1 cut. If, on the other hand, you want 2 different sizes, you pay for 2 cuts. So it's the cut setting itself that you pay for. Wd recommend to spend the extra money on having it done in the hardware store, instead of going about it yourself. It saves you so much time and effort. We primed the pieces and painted it the first time before assembling. When it was assembled we patched holes and then painted over one last time. 

If the above has piqued your interest, but if you have any doubts, please reach out here in the right corner or on Instagram. We are ready with answers and good advice! 

On Instagram, you can also find the entire process in highlights. 

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